Dr. Russell Kennedy,
The Anxiety MD

Heal your anxiety. 

Don’t just cope with it. 

Hi, I’m Dr. Russell Kennedy

As a physician, neuroscientist, somatic intuitive, certified yoga instructor, meditation teacher, and a professional stand-up comedian who struggled with crippling anxiety for decades and has finally healed…I’m here to personally guide you through non-traditional treatments for anxiety. Because, let’s be honest, traditional methods have had their chance — and they just don’t work long term. Using a combination of neuroscience, somatic work and psychedelics, I’ve uncovered a brand new way of approaching and healing anxiety in myself and my patients. Instead of your anxiety completely controlling you, I will show you how to completely control your anxiety.

Anxiety Rx

If you’re anything like me, you’ve tried every traditional therapy under the sun (CBT, medications, counseling, the list goes on…) and still can’t escape from anxiety. So, don’t you think it’s time you took an unconventional path?

It took me years of struggling through painful, debilitating worrying before I finally unlocked new, non-traditional methods to ease and heal my pain. I wrote Anxiety Rx so that you don’t have to suffer as I did — so you can finally understand and move away from negative rumination and worry, moving instead (perhaps for the very first time) towards a sense of peace and comfort in your own skin.

With degrees and advanced training in medicine, neuroscience, and developmental psychology, plus experience with the “unscientific,” psychedelics, somatic intuition, and the inherent wisdom of the body, I’ve put everything I know together and created an approach that blends both the art and science of healing from chronic anxiety and worry. If you’re ready for a brand new prescription that will guide you to heal your anxiety, not just cope with it, this is the book for you.



It’s not just a course, it’s an experience. Spend four hours with me as I guide you on a conscious and unconscious exploration of the roots of your anxiety. This experience will actually start to rewire your mind and body so that you automatically begin to heal during the program. When you finish, you will never look at your anxiety the same way again. Oh, and I promise, no pop quizzes (and everyone gets an “A”!)



Got half an hour? Get my 30-minute meditations to guide you through a dramatic perception shift and actually transform your unconscious mind.


“If you actually want to HEAL your anxiety, instead of just making the symptoms go away, read this book.”

“If you can only buy one book to help yourself overcome chronic anxiety and/or trauma, this is it. I am a mental health therapist with my own trauma history and I have read more books on anxiety and trauma than I could possibly count. And in all these years and with all these books I have never felt so seen and supported.”

“This book, in three weeks, has taken me from chronic anxiety, barely able to leave my house, to a functioning human being with a very low level of anxiety and alarm. I couldn’t put this book down because it addresses so many of my needs and actually has solutions that anyone can start using immediately.”

“This book is ESSENTIAL if you’re struggling with anxiety or “alarm”. I’ve got highlighting and sticky notes on EVERY damn page. It’s so validating. It’s so helpful.”

“I started to feel better straight away applying what Russell teaches. He really knows his stuff because not only is he a doctor but he had really bad anxiety for decades and figured out how to heal himself. If you have read and tried everything, please get this you will not regret it. “

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